Lets Cut deficit spending now!

Goals I want congress to do!

  • Audit the Fed
  • 100% Defund to Obamacare¬∑        
  • Repeal and NOT replace Obamacare¬∑        
  • End the Federal Income Tax
  • Reduce taxes for all people    
  • Balance the Federal Budget
  • Reduce National Debt
  • Term limits

                                                   -Thank you for your support.

 Formal Republican Candidate US Congress CD 26

-Edmund Burke

                "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good     men to do nothing."

      Cell: 281 773 8108

$17,344,786,167,641 National Debt
                    $54,635 Debt per Citizen      *     $150,519 Debt per Taxpayer
                                                                                     -Last Updated: 2.2.2014 8:20pm